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Trail type: Walking
Direction: One way

Duration & distance varies depending on how many Talking Poles are visited

Cycling Grade: 1

Dog Friendly: Unknown

The walking trail is accessible at any point along the route

The Talking Poles that line the central shopping streets of Tokoroa are a must visit South Waikato attraction.

More than 40 poles comprise the collection, with each one reflecting the variety of cultures that reside in the South Waikato area. The Pacific Memories and Professional Business Women Poles, the interestingly named Crazyman Pole, named because of the grass growing out of his head, and The Pine Man which stands tall along the main highway through town, are among the collection. The sculptures, which were developed as part of the retail upgrade Tokoroa has undergone in recent years, can be seen mainly around the CBD of Tokoroa and form a trail where you can take in the poles and learn about their stories and the history of the area.

As the area is renowned for its forestry heritage, most of the poles are made from species such as pine that are found in abundance in the area

  • Crazyman Pole, located on the corner of Logan Street - inspired by the Cook Islands, this work is well-loved for its quirky appearance.
  • The Green Man pole, located on Leith Place, was a living tree while being carved and represents peace and the beauty of nature.

Credit content to Hamilton & Waikato Tourism


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