Trail Info

Trail type: Walking
Direction: One way

Walking Duration: 1 hr - 1 hr 30 mins
60 - 90 minutes one way
Distance: 3.7 km

Dog Friendly: Yes

Start at the corner of Purcell St and Harbour St, Foxton.


Piriharakeke = "where the flax clings to the land". 

This is an easy 3.7 km walk (allow 60 - 90 minutes one way) between the Foxton recycling centre on Purcell Street, and SH1. It goes along the stopbank with styles (some are somewhat rickety) and information signs at intervals of historical significance.

You can walk from either end, but parking is better near the Purcell St / Harbour St corner near the recycling centre. There is a picnic area here with tables and seats and a pleasant view. The track goes through a small area of pine forest - it isn't well marked in here and it isn't too difficult to lose the track. On emergence the track goes up onto the stopbank following the river loop, an emerges on SH1 near a bridge.

Credit content to Horowhenua District Council & photo to

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