Trail Info

Trail type: Walking
Direction: One way

Walking Duration: 1 hr 30 mins - 2 hrs
Distance: 3 km

Fitness: Intermediate
Gradient: Moderate

Dog Friendly: Unknown

End of Cowan Road or from Bethune's Gully off Norwood Street.
-45.8769, 170.3493

The Mount Cargill Walk (Bethunes Gully) traverses the flank of Mount Cargill, between Bethunes Gully and the summit. The walk passes through native bush and pine forest and alongside Lindsay Creek and a small waterfall.

At 676m tall, Mount Cargill offers some of the most spectacular views over Dunedin and the surrounding area. In Māori legend the three peaks of Mount Cargill represent the petrified head, body and feet of a princess of an early Otakou tribe.

The walkway links with a number of other walking tracks in the area.

How to get here

Mount Cargill Walk can be accessed from the Mount Cargill Summit at the end of Cowan Road or from Bethunes Gully off Norwood Street.


Credit photo & content to NZ Walking Access Commission


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End of Cowan Road or from Bethune's Gully off Norwood Street., -45.8769, 170.3493