Trail Info

Trail type: Walking
Direction: One way

Walking Duration: 1 hr
2 hours return

Fitness: Low
Walking Difficulty: Easy

Dog Friendly: No

Things to know:
This waterfall is located on a private land. A visit should be organized in advance via a phone 06 376 2822 with the owners Marty and Debbie Hull.

652 Coast Road, Pongaroa
-40.5784, 176.2259 - view map

Possibly the best waterfall on private land, Mangatiti Falls is very spectacular after rain or during winter time.  Accessible via a private land track with the company of bulls and sheep.  The waterfall is 6.5km south of Pongaroa on Coast Road.  You will need to get permission from the owners to access the track to the falls.  No toilet facilities and not suitable for dogs.

Marty and Debbie Hull, phone 06 376 2822

Credit content & photo to Tararua District Council

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652 Coast Road, Pongaroa, -40.5784, 176.2259