Trail Info

Trail type: Walking
Direction: Loop

Walking Duration: 3 hrs 30 mins
Distance: 6.6 km

Fitness: Intermediate
Walking Difficulty: Easy

Dog Friendly: No

Makara Beach, 16 km north of Wellington

Makara Walkway takes in the wild rocky coastline and high cliffs typical of Wellington’s rugged south coast.

The walkway passes near an old Ngati Ira pa site and World War II gun emplacements, offering panoramic views to the South Island and Mana and Kapiti islands in the north.


  • No dogs
  • Part of track closed for lambing season between 1 August and 1 October
  • Access to the gun emplacements is via Makara Beach during this time
  • Carry food and drink. There is no drinkable water on the track.


Content and photos credited to the NZ Walking Access Commission

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