Trail Info

Trail type: Walking
Direction: One way
Mixture of loop and one-way tracks

Walking Duration: 30 mins - 3 hrs
Distance can vary depending on track - generally within 1 - 4km

Fitness: Low,intermediate
Varies depending on track
Walking Difficulty: Easy
Gradient: Steady
Various - depends on track

Dog Friendly: Yes

The Big Kauri (20 min each way): At the end of Springs Rd, follow the Tuahu track through native forest for 20 mins to a sign showing a one minute walk to two large kauri. A good all-weather track suitable for all walkers.

Aongatete Lodge: 8 km up Wright Rd off State Highway 2. Take a signposted right turn to the Lodge where signs indicate the start of a nature trail, a short loop track and a long loop track. The latter takes about three hours, tramping boots recommended.

Tanners Point (30 min): A track from the Tanners Point jetty follows the shoreline past the end of Moana Drive to a sandy beach. Walk back via the beach or Moana Drive.

Ongare Point to Kauri Point walk (20 min to 1hr 15 min return): Walk to the south end of Ongare Point settlement beside the beach, over a culvert and footbridge, through the historic reserve then follow the track through bush to above the Kauri Point jetty.

Tuapiro Point (60 mins): Park on the foreshore at Tuapiro and head left along the beach. Return through the pines.

The Haiku Pathway: Start beside Robert Harris on the Main Street and follow the Haiku Pathway down to the river. Either cross the bridge and follow the river to State Highway 2 and join the Uretara Walkway, or remain on the town side of the river and zigzag back up towards the library.

Uretara Walkway (40 min each way): The Bird Walk starts in Katikati at the Uretara Landing at the end of the Main Street, and follows the river through fields and wetlands and then past houses beside the estuary until it reaches the reserve at the end of Park Road.

Other points of interest on walks in the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park include remnants of kauri dams, an old gold mine, waterfalls & old pack tracks.

Enquire at the Tauranga Department of Conservation office or the Mural Town Visitors Centre for up to date information. The Centre has brochures with details of these and other walks in the region.


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