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Trail type: Walking
Direction: Loop

Walking Duration: 30 mins
30 minute loop with shorter adjoining trails

Dog Friendly: Unknown

Waotu South Road, Waotu

The Jim Barnett Reserve, southwest of Putaruru in the South Waikato area boasts a rich history with several great walking trails and camping facilities.

Part of a 1000ha forest, the Jim Barnett Reserve was once logged for its massive rimu and totara trees. Community efforts have seen the rejuvenation of the forest and the reintroduction of native bird species such as the North Island Robin.

Highlights of the Jim Barnett Reserve include a dedicated camping area, picnic spots, and a 1000 year old totara tree which was spared during logging.

The main walking trail is a 30 minute loop track with shorter adjoining trails including the 15 minute Totara Track.

Credit content to Hamilton & Waikato Tourism

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