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Trail type: Walking, Cycling
Direction: Loop
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Walking Duration: 50 mins
Distance: 3.5 km

Dog Friendly: Unknown

Things to know:
Bicycle okay in forest but difficult on sandy ground.

Turn left at the intersection of Nash Pde and Cousins Ave, Foxton

There is a carpark at the western (sea) end of Cousins Avenue at the back of Foxton Beach. From here there is a track leading to the beach (about 700 metres away) across the sand dunes, and another leading into the forest. There is a sign warning users to stay on the track to avoid falling trees! There are several tracks in the forest; there are markings on some tree trunks with different coloured arrows marking out different routes.

Loop walks:

  1. From Cousins Avenue walk to the beach, then turn left and walk in to Foxton Beach and back through town and Nash Parade.
  2. Go east through the forest, and exit about 600 metres east of the carpark and walk back behind the houses.
  3. Follow the track through the forest which leads north out of the forest and skirts the side of the forest for about 2 km before heading to the beach. This is a well marked 4WD track, but is soft and sandy so could be difficult for bicycles. (4WD tracks probably extend north through the sand dunes as far as Himatangi Beach). Walk back to Foxton Beach.

Note that there is no marking for the track from Cousins Avenue that emerges from the sand dunes to the beach. It can be hard to find if you haven't been there before. There is a building visible near the beach about 100 metres south of the track.

Credit photo & content to Horowhenua District Council

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