Waimate District council

Waimate Walkway


Waimate Walkway - Location: 2 km west of Waimate. The walkway commences near the Te Kiteroa Rest Home on Point Bush Road.

The route climbs through farmland to meet an old logging track and then follows gradually round a steep hillside, passing through an area of bush and emerging into a small gully on the main ridge. From this point the track follows a grassed ridge and leads through a pine plantation to the “White Horse“, on the Hunter Hills, a stone art piece which can be seen from a long distance. It commemorates the Clydesdale horses which were originally used to break in the land. From here there is a panoramic view of Waimate and surrounding countryside.

The white horse monument at the lookout stands 60 feet high and 48 feet long.

Distance 2.3 km. Duration 2.5 hours