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Highlands 501

Highlands Motorsport Park, Corner SH6 & Sandflat Road, Cromwell, Otago 10th - 12th Nov '17

THE HIGHLANDS 501: 10 - 12 NOVEMBER 2017

A world-class motor racing event at one of New Zealand's world-class motor racing facilities as the fantastic Highlands 101 returns for its fifth year in November 2017 as the Highlands 501!

The Highlands 101 will be the Highlands 501 in 2017 and the event will take place over the weekend of November 11/12. Tony Quinn and the AGT category management have decided to change from a 101 lap race to a 501km race, so essentially adding another 100 km in distance and sending teams back to the drawing board to work on a strategy that will see them have to pit three times and manage fuel differently. The change will certainly give spectators a whole lot more to look forward to.

The Hampton Downs 101 will also change to the Hampton Downs 500, which will be raced over 500 kilometres to create the New Zealand 1001.

“The 101 brand has been a huge success but next year we’re going bigger and better with the New Zealand 1001,” says Quinn. “We’ve been doing the 101 in Highlands for four years now so the teams have got used to the strategy. I like to keep moving the bar and I like to challenge people and this will certainly shake things up in the Australian GT Championship.”

“The new format will add roughly 20 laps to each race which may not sound a lot but it means there will be a third pitstop and two driver changes which will mean a change in strategy for the teams. It will also have implications for tyres and fuel and we’re getting rid of the compulsory timed pit stops which were used to handicap the faster drivers. It will be a true endurance test.”

GT cars are built to do 24 hour endurance races and at the Highlands 101, the fastest lap of the race was set on the penultimate lap by Kiwi driver, Dominic Storey.

“The cars are only getting going after 101 laps,” said Quinn.

Support categories will take to the track between the AGT sessions and there will be the mega family zone, exhibits and experiences for all ages and family interests.

In true Highlands' style, the weekend will feature a wonderful array of top class entertainment on and off the track, including a great range of fun kids’ activities on the top terrace, as usual an amazing selection of food and refreshment vendors in key spectator areas.

A very special feature of the Highlands facility is the free buses operating around the full circuit, allowing families to experience our Jurassic Park-style adventure playground. What secret treasures and scary dinosaurs can you find in the Highlands Forest? It’s easy to get there – simply catch the Highlands bus which runs every 15 minutes right round the circuit providing access to all spectator areas and the adventure play area. 

Please note: No alcohol to be brought into the venue.

Certified Self Contained Motorhome Parking

Highlands provides parking for self-contained Motorhomes. Tents and Campers that are not self-contained, will not be permitted on site and all campers must hold a Certified Self Containment certificate*. There will be no power available.

We have two areas for parking, the first being the TRACKSIDE AREA (limited to 7m vehicles and dependent upon the vehicle being able to access this area) and the second is the OUTFIELD PARKING, which is located below the TRACKSIDE AREA. These areas will be organised and run by a representative of Highlands. While everyone is welcome, please respect the instructions of our team and follow them. Please be aware that this area is also accessible by the general public during the race meeting.


  • Trackside - $269 per berth
  • Outfield - $199 per berth

Included in your charges are the following: Please note all berths must be pre booked.

  • 1 x Berth (four nights)
  • 1x Weekend Pass
  • Rubbish
  • Security

Any additional occupants are required to have a weekend pass to access the area.

To book a site please email marketing@highlands.co.nz or phone 03 445 4052 for enquiries.

Your payment needs to be made prior to arrival, and everyone camping must have a prepurchased weekend pass. Your berth passes and your tickets will be available for collection when you arrive on site.

ENTRY - please access via Cemetery Road.

Entry times for Motorhomes will be as follows:

  • Thursday 9th Nov 3pm – 6pm
  • Friday 10th Nov 8am – 10am & 3pm – 6pm
  • Saturday 11th Nov 8am – 10am

All Motorhomes need to have vacated the site by 10am Monday 13th November. Access to and from your berth outside of Highlands operational hours will be limited, please ask on arrival if your require access outside of these hours.



 * A self-containment vehicle is designed to completely meet the ablutionary and sanitary needs of the occupants (including water for drinking and cooking) for a minimum of three days without requiring any external services or discharging any waste.


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