The NZMCA is seeking to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with key events around the country, and if you think that your event is something that would interest a lot of our members, tell us more about it by filling up the online form on this page.

Events: In keeping with our Environmental Policy, entry to the parking area will be limited to people in Certified Self-Contained (CSC) motorhomes, however to ensure that there as many motorhomes as possible attracted to the event, it will not be exclusive to our members unless otherwise stated*

(*To explain, there are two separate avenues in which events are promoted to members: 1) The traditional Area rallies and special events – which are organised by the Areas and are available to members only & as such, are promoted either in The Motor Caravanner or the NZMCA website, and 2) NZMCA Events, which are based around existing public events, with parking that may be organised by and overseen by NZMCA members and is open to all motorhomers which is promoted here on the website).

Safaris: Promotion will available for NZMCA Safaris and also Public Safaris

Please note that there’s NO COST to list your event on our website.

In return for your assistance in securing on-site (or close to site) parking for our members’ motorhomes and caravans we can:

• Provide experienced local NZMCA members to safely and efficiently plan and organise the parking.
• Provide a written Health and Safety plan and insurance cover.
• Collect parking fees (example: $10 per vehicle per night) which will be split 50/50 between the local NZMCA Area (which provides the parking volunteers) and a local charity or the provider of the parking site (i.e. local A & P Society or perhaps a school);
• Promote the event on our Motorhome Friendly website; and through promotional emails to our member database.

Criteria: A MHF Town

Signature Event for your town 

The District Council has Compliant Freedom Camping Bylaws (please contact us to discuss details of your event directly)

Have a smaller event with a different set-up?  

No formal parking but may have suggested sites where motorhomes can park

Not a MHF Town... but have an event with managed parking that will be of interest to CSC Motorhomers

You can still fill up this form and this will be assessed; if you have specific queries email us at safariandevents@nzmca.org.nz to discuss

In addition to the free online promotion described above, paid advertising for your event can be purchased in our bi-monthly member magazine, The Motor Caravanner. For rates and other details, contact: Rachel@spoton.net.nz

Event Details

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Supported formats JPG, PNG, GIF. Maximum file size per image 5MB.

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