About the NZMCA Motorhome Friendly Towns

The Motorhome Friendly scheme was introduced into New Zealand in 2010 and was modelled on the equivalent scheme initiated by the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia. The scheme provides a set of amenities and services that guarantee motor caravanners a warm welcome and an enjoyable visit. Motor Caravanners will only visit areas where they feel welcome and will go out of their way to visit a town that markets themselves as Motor Home Friendly. With on-the-road motor home expenditures exceeding $650 million annually ($211 million of which come from NZMCA members), the message is clear- motorhomers and communities can certainly establish a mutually beneficial relationship. 


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Looking up events; events featured in this website are sourced from eventsfinder.co.nz and from contributions provided by council contacts. If you know of an event that would be of interest to motor homers in general drop us a line at enquiries@mhftowns.com. Just note that for the event to be listed, the venue should either be in the Motorhome Friendly Town itself or no more than 20kms away.

Planning your journey; the route-planner uses Google mapping and shows a finite number of Google Points of Interest (POI) as well as some POI data from zenbu.co.nz. POIs like Free Parking, Department of Conservation sites, Camping Grounds and NZMCA member-only sites such as Park Over Properties, Charges Apply and Clubs are sourced from the NZMCA Travel Directory database. The member-only sites only become visible upon logging in with NZMCA membership details. We have no control over other points of interest displayed such as supermarkets, cafes, gas stations etc. We can’t vouch for the accuracy of these either as their listing depends entirely on information supplied by the general public. Criteria is listed on our contacts page.

Want to know the criteria to become Motorhome Friendly? Are you a council representative who would like to forward an application? CLICK HERE

Special Events and Safaris

More and more motorhomers are looking for special events that not only promise such incentives like a discount, but also something more significant like a space for parking. We’ve gone a step further than that and have brought you events with the parking already sorted, which in most cases may even offer you the option of booking a parking space along with your ticket. So whether you want to park and listen to a concert, park to join a sporting event or to park and have a food trip at a food festival, this is the place to find them. Simply look for a special event marked with the ‘P’ icon or when if you’re on the Events page, use the filter to find the special events with set parking.

And if you’ve always wanted to join a special themed Safari but didn’t know how to find one, here is the place to find them already organized as well; just simply click to book or send a quick email to express your interest to join.

If you’re an organizer of these events, here is your chance to bring your passion to the attention of over 80,000+ active motorhomers. Simply fill up our online application here and we’ll be in touch.

Important points to remember regarding what we can provide with regards to parking on properties include:

Respecting the property: NZMCA members often utilise school and sports grounds for ‘rallies’ – events where members get together to socialise – and not only recognise that the provision of such overnight parking sites is a privilege but also respect any limitations. For example, members will not park in the vicinity of the school at ‘home time’ nor enter the site until well after all children have left the property – this is usually 4:30pm.

Parking: The NZMCA has a reputation to uphold so safe parking is a priority for the organisation – this means strict adherence to safe distances between vans and clear lanes left for entrance and exit in an emergency. The NZMCA will provide parking marshals to supervise the parking where requested and can be arranged.

Facilities: Only Certified Self-Contained (CSC) motorhomes and caravans are permitted to park overnight at NZMCA events. This means the vehicles are self-supporting in terms of power, water, rubbish disposal and black and grey water waste disposal. There is no requirement for the site to provide any facilities other than a place to park.

Liability: The NZMCA holds public liability insurance which covers events it has advertised to its members.

Health & Safety

The NZMCA will put in place a Health & Safety plan for each event it is involved with. Vests are available if needed for events parking when managed by members/area volunteers – contact the MHF Towns team

Download a Copy of the MHFT Health and Safety Form.

Branding Guidelines: Download a PDF, explaining how to use our brand.

Website Update - Tips, Tricks and How-To

Note regarding NZMCA member only Parks;  

Special events with organized parking for CSC vehicles are advertised on https://www.mhftowns.com/events. They are not connected in any way with member-only NZMCA Parks even if a park happens to be in the vicinity of a Special Event.

If an NZMCA Parks happens to be in the area where a Special Event with CSC parking is being held, the same rules and regulations apply for parking at the site; 1) first come, first serve only; 2) always display your wing decals/current financial status card; 3) make sure to pay the current parking fee and to sign the register. For the full rules specific to an NZMCA Park, refer to the Travel Directory.

It’s always a good idea to find alternative places to park beforehand just in case the park is full; to find up-to-date information on sites, refer to the online Travel Directory or download the NZMCA Travel App for Android and Apple.



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